Velo-Touring, cycling tours, europe tour, europe trip, cycling holidays, individual bike tour, bike holidays Bike Tour No. 16.
Magnetism of the Eastern “Puszta” Flatlands
Soft Cycling through the Upper Tisza-region,
Along the Triple Frontier of East Hungary.

  Duration: 9 days / 8 nights
  Length: approx. 203 bikemiles / 324kms
Pleasure biking on the well-kept roads of the calm and beautiful Eastern Hungary. It is a continuously flat region, without any hilly or mountainous stages, picturesquely embedded in a diverse nature. This tour is ideal for everyone with an average cycling practice. (Level 1.)

Velo-Touring, cycling tours, europe tour, europe trip, cycling holidays, individual bike tour, bike holidays
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It is said, that God created the region of the upper Tisza in a good mood. This tour takes you to the eastern part of Hungary (Great Plain). This landscape at the river Tisza is surrounded by the tributary streams of the river Bodrog, Szamos and the Kraszna. The Tisza - second largest river of Hungary – enters the country with high speed from the direction of the Ukraine and from this point, it flows through the whole country with lower and lower speed. The cycling tour starts not far from the legendary Tokaj-vineyard and goes towards Sárospatak (“Athens on the bank of the Bodrog”) and then to the region of Nyírség (loose translation: land of the birch). This area is known as the main apple garden of Hungary. The region was untroubled during the time of Turkish raids (16th - 17th centuries). Several small village churches remained almost completely in their original roman or gothic style. Many villages on the banks of the upper course of the river have their several hundred years old bell towers made of wood and thousand years old churches, far away from the mass tourism. On our last cycling day we arrive in the city of Debrecen. The second largest city of Hungary is the most important centre of the Hungarian Protestant Church. It is also called by the locals as the “Protestant Rome”. Fascinating sceneries, typical town structures and many traces of the old Hungarians. The nation, who had been an ancient tribe of fierce horsemen until thousand years ago when they became the Christian ruler of the surrounding Carpathian-Basin. The extremely impressive image of scenery and culture of the whole cycling tour is topped with some refreshing thermal spas as well.

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